WVM pledges support on Covid-19 vaccine rollout

By Tione Andsen:

World Vision Malawi (WVM) has pledged to collaborate with the Ministry of Health in support of rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine in the country.

WVM Acting National Director, Catherine Omenda said this Thursday as the country was geared to rollout the Covid-19 vaccine in the country in March, 2021.

She said World Vision aims at using its global reach and grassroots connections to provide accurate information about the vaccines, encouraging vaccine acceptance and uptake by the world’s most vulnerable communities in order to save lives, protect livelihoods, and safeguard families and children from impoverishment and violence. 

Omenda said before rolling out the vaccine, the Ministry attention some critical information that may help to set the country up a successful vaccination campaign.  

“World Vision is working closely with COVAX to support quicker rollout of the vaccines in low and mid-income countries, and has identified significant gaps in the national vaccination plans submitted by the governments,” she noted.

Omenda believes that the following gaps in the national plans need to be addressed to ensure vaccination campaigns are effective and are delivered equitably.  

She added that the national vaccination plans need to include specific mapping of vulnerable populations, especially refugees and populations living in urban slums, informal settlements, and low-income dense urban neighborhoods, and their prioritization for early vaccination. 

“In order to develop inclusive national vaccination plans, it was critical to engage faith leaders and other community stakeholders in advance, and at all stages of rollout to ensure consideration of the local context and belief systems and to increase vaccine acceptance and uptake,” the Acting National Director pointed out.  

Deputy Director of Civic Education in the Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity, Dalitso Chikwembani said his Ministry is in public communication cluster doing sensitization meetings with various stakeholders on the importance of the Covid-19 vaccine.

He said there are a number of activities that are going on in all districts in order to enlighten the communities on the vaccine.

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