Woman convicted for using banknotes to decorate Valentine gifts

By Our Reporter:

Blantyre Chief Resident Magistrate Kayira has convicted businessperson Aidah Bvalani for attaching 28 pieces of MK2,000 bank notes to a flower bouquets and use the same as part of advertisement on Valentine day contrary to Section 54(2)(C) of RBM Act of 2018.

Kayira has since ordered that the convict pay a fine of MK150,000 in default or serve six months in jail.

He has also ordered that the 28 pieces of MK2,000 be forfeited to the Malawi Goverment.

Bvalani who is the proprietor of Eden Events was found with two flower bouquets decorated with K2,000 denominations which were found on her facebook page advertising her business during Valentine period.

Between 12th-14th February 2021, Fiscal Police in liason with Reserve Bank Investigation officers enganged into operation that wanted to trace the manufacturer of Flower bouquets decorated using Bank notes that went viral on social media.

The State was represented by Counsel Peter Masiye and Police Regional Prosecution Inspector for South West, Inspector Richard Kandeya

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