UNDP donates towards Parliament digitalization process

By Dorica Mtenje:

As one way of creating a conducive working environment in the August House amid Covid-19 pandemic, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has donated information technology equipment towards Parliament digitalization process.

UNDP has donated desktop computers, tri-casters, television screens and other information technology equipment.

Speaking during the donation, UNDP Country Representative Shikeki Komatsubara said
the equipment will help to create an auxiliary chamber to enable every member to participate in Parliamentary proceedings without problems.

Komatsubara said UNDP is expected to donate 377 equipment in phases.

National Assembly Speaker Catherine Gotan Hara said the donation will help members of Parliament to participate virtually in all deliberations without problems.

Hara said the equipment will help the august house to embrace a paperless digitialised business in committee reports, bills deriberations and constituency deliberations.

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