Tommy Snacks distribute over 7000 exercise books

By Chancy Namadzunda:

Tommy Snacks on Tuesday distributed over 7000 exercise books to primary school learners in different primary schools in the central region.

One of the beneficiary was Mkwichi Primary School in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Chitukula in Lilongwe.

Being a governement primary school with a total of 1849 pupils, Mkwichi serves the community with a low class population.

Speaking in an interview after the donation, the school’s headmistress Magret Mtambalika Muthete said the donation is not a bail out to those who usually come to school without exercise books because their parents can not afford to buy for them but also a motivation to students to do better in class.

“This is a very positive gesture from Tommy Snacks. This is one of the congested schools in Lilongwe as well as one of those that serve poor communities, we have students who come to school without exercise books not because they leave them back home but because their parents can not afford to buy for them.

“For these learners to still have passion to attend classes despite all the problems they face back home is a sign that they really want to be educated. With the coming in of Tommy Snacks its a push for these students, its a motivation for them to work extra harder in class and to them, it is also a blessing from God,” said Muthete who added that due to the congestion, many classes learn under the trees while others on bare grounds resulting into difficulties to have classes during the rainy season.

Tommy Snacks has two flavours Tommy Popcorn and Tommy Snack which are produced by Atlantic Limited in Lilongwe.


Speaking after the donation, Atlantic Limited General Manager Iqbal Hakal said they though of distributing exercise books to the learners as one way of encouraging them.

“All along, we have been thinking as to how best we can assist so many students in the rural areas. We came up with different ideas like giving them food and other things but at the end we decided to distribute books because food is on spot thing but books are a library of what Lerner’s are learning in class, they are essential to each and every pupil.

“We are trying our best to different schools as well as students in various ways and it is always amazing to see how happy and encouraged the students are every time we reach out to them,” he said.

The company has been distributing exercise books and other things to schools in all the regions in the country.

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