St Mathias schools open in Lumbadzi

By Sapulain Lee Chitonde and Kondwani Kandiado:

St Mathias Parish of the Lilongwe Archdiocese has opened a nursery, primary and secondary schools in Lumbadzi.

The school’s name St Mathias comes after St Mathias the apostle who took over Judas Iscariot as one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ.

Speaking in an interview, one of the priest at the parish Father Augustine Kaliu said the move to have the schools was hatched to among other things help ease the pressure in the existing schools.

He said: “With the population increase in Lumbadzi and the surrounding areas, we thought that we should come in a compliment the already existing schools and ease the pressure for schools in the city.”

Fr. Kaliu also said the move is also aimed at easing expenses some parents incur in sending their children to distant schools.

He said as a church, they would want the learners to grow with Christian values to be reliable citizens to the church and country in general.

“We want our learners to emulate the shining example of St Mathias who was prayerful, dedicated and ready to die for the truth,” he said.

Fr. Kaliu added: “As the  church, we want to train learners who are going to be relevant and instrumental in all the sectors and compliment to government and church’s efforts, this is why even our school fees are very affordable,” he said.

One of the parishioners, Laurent Mbukwa said he is excited with the opening of the schools saying it will ease transport challenge they used to face when sending their wards to school.

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