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Social media destruct Nurses and Midwifery profession – Malata

By Dean Chisambo:

Vice Chancellor of Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) Professor Address Malata said social media has destruct Nurses and Midwifery profession due to spending more time on their phones instead of treating their patients in this country and globally and there is need for profession rebuild.

Malata made the remarks on Thursday during the international Nurses and Midwifery Day.

She said many people are complaining that when they go to facilities they find the nurses and Midwifery busy with their phones either on WhatsApp or Facebook and also taking the picture of the patients and shared it in social media platforms saying it is unprofessional and unethical and she pleaded with them to change their behaviour.

Malata who was also trained and worked as a nurse before she become a vice Chancellor of MUST said there is need to invest in nursing through training many of them with quality education as they go to the ward and clinical area they should provide quality health service.

She further said they need to see many nurses to occupy leadership positions in health sector not particularly in health care field because health care position are growing and chances are high to work because Nurses and Midwifery are well trained,that can play a role in any sector that need to be regarded even here in Malawi as a nation.

She also said; “We also talked about investment into regulation, we need to regulate the profession,what nurses do, the way they look after patients because there are alot of complaints out there and I plead to nurses to know that they are in calling profession, they are called to save the lives of the patients.

“It’s not about any other job but they are there to look after patients ,to look after families and they need to guard their ethics and professionalism, the way they talk and treat the patients is very important”.

In his remarks National Organisation Of Nurses and Midwifery Of Malawi (NONM) Shouts Simeza said apart from the use of phones by the nurses , they have many issues that the public have raised which include the way nurses put on uniform, sleeping on duty during night shift.

He added that they have series to talk about professionalism, ethical and attitude saying after the international events they will be born again and they will start all over again to improve image of professionalism and to win sympathy so that they can engage government, employers , the general public so that they can have the support that nurses and Midwifery desire.

The International Nurses and Midwifery Day brought together Nurses and Midwifery and was celebrated under theme “Nurses to lead – invest in Nursing and research respect rights to secure global health” and is celebrated on 12th May each and every year globally.

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