School Management worried with delays of EQUALS project

By Tione Andsen, MANA:

Management of Chiyendausiku Community Day Secondary School (CDSSs) in Ntcheu as expressed concern over the delay in the infrastructure implementation of Equity with Quality and Learning at Secondary (EQUALS) Project at the school.

Head Teacher of the school, Hackson Chikodzera lamented this Wednesday when a Media team visited the school in Ntcheu as part of a tour to appreciate the progress of EQUALS projects in the country.

He said the school management was promised infrastructure developments such as two classroom blocks, laboratories, ICT lab, pit latrines, water system and installation of electricity

Chikodzera said the EQUALS project was first introduced to the school on December 26, 2018 and over 12 constructors have visited the place to do the assessments
“We have tried to find out from our Division Manager on the progress of the project for some time and kept on giving us comforting words that very soon the project will start,” he added.

The Head Teacher said other quarters are attributing the delay to the Covid-19 pandemic but still more we don’t have a clear picture on the way forward of the promises

He added that the implementation of the infrastructure project would not require the involvement communities since all construction materials would be provided by the project.

Chikodzera said the school which established in September 2018 has a classroom block which was built with funding Community Development Fund (CDF).

A Form 3 Student, Yusuf Disi said the school has good teachers but it was lacking some equipment such as text books and apparatus.

He added the Covid-19 has posed a greater challenge for the school to implement some measures like physical distance when learning due to shortage of classrooms.

Deputy Director for Secondary Education, Samuel Chibwana admitted that there have been some delays in the implementation of EQUALS projects in components like infrastructure.

He said the delay was due to some procurement processes which required to been done thoroughly.

“In a month or two, we may have awarded constructs to successful bidders. Looks at the schedule, it will take 18 weeks for some the structures constructed. By the end, we shall some structure constructed in the most selected sites,” Chibwana assured.

Teachers from the school have benefited from teacher development training in mathematics and science subjects.

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