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Pastor Salanje’s associate denies dumping the man of God

By our reporter:

Recently, social media was awash with the story that Pastor Khumbo Joram, who was the deputy or second in command in the church of Pastor Hastings Salanje, has dumped the senior man of God and his church.

Joram, who was working with Pastor Salanje in South Africa as an Associate Pastor/Vice President of the church, has actually not dumped the church, but left peacefully with the blessing of the founder himself.

A well composed pastor, calm and full of prophetic gifts—Joram said he never dumped the church as it has been wrongly reported in the social media.

“I respect Pastor Salanje, he is a great man of God, whom I have known since my childhood. He has supported me a lot and I cannot just dump him. I will still continue supporting Pastor Salanje whenever he needs me,” said Joram.

Pastor Joram, who has a lot of followers due to his anointing, has received approval from a lot other men of God in South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

One of the pastors based in Pretoria, wrote on his Facebook page, praising Pastor Joram as a powerful man of God, who is now capable to do the work of God on his own.

“He has now graduated into a matured pastor, hence I see no problem for him to start his own church. We fathers do not like our sons to stand on their own, wanting them to be with us always, which is not possible”.

Pastor Joram, who was born and raised in Malawi, is a prophetic pastor who has demonstrated maturity in his pastoral work. In fact, some of the people from Pastor Salanje’s church said they will miss him, as a man of God who was there to help people spiritually and physically.

“He is a true man of God. Even here before he left the church, a lot of us enjoyed his presence. He is very different from some other men of God and we have no doubt that he will do well where ever he has gone,” said one Thembile.

Pastor Joram has now established his church called The Holy Nation Church and his first Sunday service will be this coming sunday on 8th May, 2022.

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