Parliament to discuss Covid-19 Audit report

By Dorica Mtenje:

After the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) received the audit report of the 6.2 billion Covid-19 saga, Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Gotan Hara said the report will be presented in Parliament for deliberations.

Addressing journalists in Lilongwe , Hara said Parliament will not make the report public as they are waiting for the Ministry of Finance to gazette it.

Gotan said PAC is expected to scrutinize the report to find out what happened to the funds.

She said the report will be given to the general public procedurally.

Speaking to The Atlas Malawi, PAC Chairperson Shadreck Namalomba said the committee will be summoning everyone that has been mentioned in the report.

Namalomba said the general public should go to the Ministry of Finance to get the report.

He added that the committee is expected to conduct the inquiry by next week .

Namalomba urged all security agencies to start doing their work by questioning those that have been mentioned in the report.

The Ombudsman released the Covid 19 saga report in November last year.

Currently the committee has engaged The World Bank on the report.

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