Pachi introduces platform to end Malaria

By Wisdom Ngwira:

Parent and Child Health Initiative (Pachi) has introduced a platform called Bwalo La Nzika (Bwalo) in Mzimba North where it wants to counter Malaria disease and other challenges communities face.

According to Pachi, Bwalo is an interface platform where community members present their challenges to duty bearers for possible solutions.

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday after launching the initiative at Mpherembe in Mzimba District, Pachi Project Coordinator, Hilda Chapota said Bwalo facility aims at giving community members a voice in the society.

“The Bwalo facility aims at empowering community members to identify gaps that are in service delivery so that services that are provided to people are of quality.

“We want to build capacity of the community members to be able to identify solutions to some challenges at community level,” he said.

According to Chapota, Pachi has ideally introduced the Bwalo concept in Mzimba North to among others deal with Malaria, the Covid-19 pandemic, early marriages and many other social ills in the district.

“For Malaria specifically, we would want this initiative to work towards government’s policy of eradicating the Malaria disease in the country. We believe that if people are well empowered, they would be able to say zero Malaria starts with me,” she said.

Chapota disclosed that it was worrying that Malaria continues to affect people in Mzimba and the country at large yet it’s something that could be easily solved by the communities around.

“We believe with the Bwalo concept, people at community level will look into this problem of Malaria and link up with strategic stakeholders to deal with it,” she said.

Senior Chief Mpherembe hailed Pachi for the initiative saying it would help solve various issues that happen in the area.

“We have heard from the district health office that there is a big Malaria problem here where there is a 66 percent prevalence rate, We hope that this Bwalo platform will be used to look into such challenges and help find solutions by engaging relevant authorities and steps for solutions,” he said.

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