Friday, August 12

NLS in reading program campaign

By Lydia Bomani:

National Library Service (NLS) in collaboration with Book Aid International on Wednesday launched the National reading promotion program which is in line with the International Literacy Day.

International Literacy Day is commemorated on 8th September every year to raise awareness and concern for literacy problems that exist within communities.

Speaking during the launch, Ministry of Education Director of Secondary Schools Dr. Florida Banda, emphasized on the need to embrace reading culture amongst children.

She said reading is important as it improves communication skills hence changing lives.

“Government of Malawi will continue giving support to libraries and schools in Malawi in order to make sure that there is equal opportunity to everyone to access books both printed and digital,” Banda said.

In an interview National Library Service Board Chair, Dickson Mvuwa Phiri said it is important for the country to have libraries saying it helps people at all levels understand how things work and also helps people to act properly.

Phiri highlighted how Covid-19 has affected education in the county and as such encouraged children to continue working hard in schools and keep going to the library for further knowledge.

“As we are aware that with Covid-19 pandemic schools were closed and this affected the education sector. As such it is important that all leaners should study independently and develop reading culture,” he said.

Phiri commended Book Aid International for supporting the country and providing books and resources that the masses require.

Leaners from different schools such as Chigoneka Community Day Secondary School (CDSS), Kabwawa DCSS, Chiuzila Tsabango and Kamkodola Primary Schools showcased reading performances and Letter B spelling competition which Chiuzila Primary School emerged winners and walked away with a trophy.


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