NGO urges Communities to protect young girls

By Daniel Nyanjagha:

Future Vision Ministries has urged communities in Mulanje to protect girls and young women from defilement, rape and other sexual related crimes amidst rising criminal sexual offences against them.

Future Vision Ministries organised sports bonanza for teams around Lujeri Tea Estate in the district on Saturday to raise awareness on the impact of rape, defilement and other sexual offences on girls and young women.

Speaking during the end of the bonanza, Future Vision Ministries Country Manager, Newton Sindo said that girls are vulnerable to defilement and rape as such there was need to protection against all forms of abuse.

“A girl child is on a great danger, there are a lot of defilement cases that are happening out there and so we are trying to sensitize the communities to take care of the girls,” he said while urging the community to safeguards and report all cases of defilement and cases to law enforcers.

Future Vision Ministries appeal come after cases of school dropout due to pregnancies and marriages among girls following closure of schools in the country after Malawi registered cases of Covid-19 in April, 2020.

“Our massage today is that no girl child should be taken out of school,” Sindo said, adding that communities should ensure that girls that drop out of school should return and complete their education considering the importance of educating girls.

Assistant District Social Welfare Officer, Noel Chambo commended the complimentary role of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the district saying Future Vision Ministries has contributed a lot in discouraging child marriages and sensitising communities on the impact of defilement and child abuse on girls education..

He said there was hope that issues of defilement, rape and other sexual related abuses will drop following continues community sensitisation in Mulanje.

“Its hard to see its fruits in a short run but we expect to see major positive changes in a long run and we have already seen some improvements in terms of number of cases,” the Assistant District Social Welfare Officer added.

Four teams from two villages competed in football and netball matches as Namaija netball team defeated Nandolo by 19 baskets to 2 while in football Nandolo defeated Namaija 4-3.

Namainja netball team received K80, 000 while Nandolo football team pocketed K100, 000 following their victory.

Malawi News Agency-MANA

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