Mzuzu E-Hub committed to promoting digital skills.

By Laureen Banda

Mzuzu Entrepreneur Hub has said it was geared to equip youth with different digital skills as one way of giving them job opportunities and business skills in Karonga District.

Speaking after introducing Digital Skills Project at Baka Training Centre on Sunday, Mzuzu E-Hub Programme Manager, Austin Moyo said most youth between the ages of 15 and 35 do not have basic skills in digital technologies thereby limiting growth of their businesses.

“We see a huge problem in terms of utilization of digital tools among youths more especially girls and women that can make them able to venture into entrepreneurship and make their business grow to ensure their self-reliance,” he observed.

Moyo said young people remain important in contributing to economic development hence the project aims in promoting them with digital technology that could support in job creation and ensure self-reliance.

He urged the youth to indulge in income generating activities through digital skills to enhance their livelihood.

Karonga Teveta Desk Officer who is also working hand in hand with Mzuzu E-Hub in the district, Atupele Mwalweni described the project as a tool for promoting youth independence and development.

“We welcome the project. Many youth will benefit from it and change their mindset. Some used to do prostitution and drinking alcohol excessively. We hope to see a change,” she said.

Karonga District Youth Officer (DYO), Lapken Liwago recommended Mzuzu E-hub for introducing the project saying the country stands at a better position of creating more jobs for the youths through such innovations.

The five year programme will be implemented with financial support from World Bank.

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