Friday, August 12

Mzuni lecturer donates chairs to school

By Anthony Manda:

A Mzuzu University (Mzuni) Lecturer, Dr Zizwa Msukuma Chisi last week donated thirty chairs to Bumbunyika Primary School at Traditional Authority Mabulawo in Mzimba district which is about 150,000 kwacha.

Musukwa Chisi, who is also a Director of Quality Assurance and Enhancement said the donation came upon receiving a call from the school’s management that the needed some chairs for the standard 8 pupils who were sitting for the exams.

“As one way of supporting the community, today, I took time to donate some 30 chairs to my home school Bumbunyika at Jenda. The standard 8 class didn’t have chairs for students to use during exams, so I thought of helping them so that they should seat for their examinations in comfort,” he said

He further said that he will ask other well wishes so that they can buy more desks so that all the pupils should be sitting on the chairs as they will be learning.

Headmaster Koman Nyirenda thanked Musukwa Cjisi for the donation and asked other people and stakeholders to come in and help the schools with more desks since from standard one to eight all pupils they sit on the floor which is hard for the  pupils to concentrate on the Their studies.

The primary school has seven hundred and thirty pupils and it was opened in 1970.

Only twenty four pupils sat for this year’s standard eight exams at the school.

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  • Beatrice Chimombo

    This is the kind of hears.we as Malawian s.need to develop we should not wait for the government to do it for us we can do it lets joins hands

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