MRA fines 340 VAT defaulters

By Bertha Chirwa:

Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) says 340 tax payers have been penalized for non-issuance of Electronic Fiscal Device receipts.

According to MRA’s Corporate Affairs Manager Steve Kapoloma, the VAT defaulters have been fined K500 000 each since the Kuiphula ndi lisiti langa promotion was launched on 8 March.

The promotion was launched to encourage consumers to demand Electronic Fiscal Device (EFD) receipts for every transaction made to enhance collection of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Kapoloma added that the Kuiphula ndi lisiti langa promotion has revealed deep tendency of evading tax by shop owners and unscrupulous traders.

“We are very excited with the development of the campaign and we look forward for more tax payers to get their k40, 000 if they come forward with reports on any malpractice involving non issuance of EFD receipts”. He said.

Kapoloma added that plans are underway to extend the exercise to other cities and districts following consumers interest in reporting shop owners for non-issuance of receipts.

“We are learning and we are getting more insights each passing day on how some unscrupulous traders were evading tax and as we move forward in implementing this campaign , we shall extended it to their and municipalities and districts so that consumers in these areas should have the opportunity to police the issuance of receipts.

“Plans are underway to review the progress of the campaign and perhaps extend it to municipalities and local district areas.” He added.

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