Ministry takes on a Christians-Muslims standoff on hijab wearing in public schools

By Our Reporter:

Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity (MoCENU) through its mandate of solving and easing the problems of division and discord plus the lack of harmony in the country, has taken a leading role in resolving a standoff between Christian and Muslim communities hijab wearing in public schools in Machinga and Balaka districts.

Presenting a report in the National Assembly, Minister of CENU Timothy Mtambo said together with the Public Affairs Committee (PAC), they have also commenced mediation on the misunderstanding on hijab wearing in public schools.

In October last year, a standoff between an Anglican parish and Muslim communities in Balaka District over the wearing of hijabs by Muslim female students led to four government-funded schools being closed for eight weeks. The standoff also led to violence between the groups in November.

“We have also successfully mediated between Christian and Muslim communities leading to a peaceful resolution of a misunderstanding that arose from the billboard that was mounted in Blantyre and signed a petition from Plan International Malawi against cyber bullying,” he said

Mtambo further said the ministry has also embarked on facilitating development of transformative national values for mindset change, national healing, reconciliation and national unity.

The new ministry carries a crucial mandate and seeks to fulfill and achieve an agenda of uniting Malawians ‘as one of the key pillars of the SUPER HI5 Tonse Philosophy.’

“The setting up of the Ministry is also a call to fulfil Constitutional obligations on peace, national unity and civic education as stipulated under Section 13 f (iv) and l of the Republican Constitution.

“There was need for a new ministry to make sure that the quality of our citizens’ rights and the safeguarding of government’s duty and commitment to its people was going to be met on a firm purpose and resoluteness, engaging openly and constantly with all people,” Said Mtambo

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