MEC for credible by-elections despite tight scedule

By Elijah Phompho-MEC stringer:

Malawi Electoral Commision (MEC) has assured the general pulblic that its 30th march by-elections to be held in seven constituencies and seven wards are going to be credible despite the ectoral body working under a tight scedule.

MEC Commisioner Dr Jean Mathanga made the assuarance on Friday at Bodza Teachers Development Center (TDC) during the launch of the by elections for Chikwawa East constituency.

Commissioner Mathanga disclosed that normally the electoral body allow some space between electoral activities timeline but this time around, the electoral body had to minimise all that inoder to be able to hold the by elections within the stipulated time frame.

She therefore called on people in the area to adhear to the march 30th by elections calendar which has compounded some electoral activities.

“ We are hear to share the by elections calendar with all stakeholders in the area.

Our massage to people,political parties, all electoral stakeholders is that unlike in previous elections,they dont have all the time to do this. They should really stick to time. They just have to adjust as you know the courts have mandated us to do this in sixty days.

We are optimistic that if all stakeholders adhear to the electoral calendar and do the needful,we are going to have credible by elections despite the compressed scedule”,said Mathanga.

On his part National Initiative for Civic Education(NICE) pulblic trust District Education Officer for Chikwawa, Joseph Chamambala said his organization is going to intensify mobilization so that people in the area fufill all the electoral activities for them take part in the March by elections.

Traditional Authority (TA)Makhwira also said he was going to mobilise his subjects to come out in large numbers come 30th march.

MEC has lined up a number of activities on its electoral calendar prior to holding by elections on 30th march such as verification of voters register submission of party monitors and confirmation of candidates which it is calling upon the general pulblic to take note of its deadline.

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