McLuther opens up vocal gym

By Ireen Kayira- MANA:

A Blantyre-based gospel artist, McLuther Mambala, has opened a vocal gym with the aim to help up and coming musicians to perfect their voices.

Mambala told Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Wednesday the idea to set up a vocal gym came after he noticed that most people who venture into the music industry are not good at mastering their vocals.

“I have been helping so many people when it comes to vocals but then, I was doing it in my home. I then started receiving messages from other people, asking me to help them perfect their voice.

“When I asked them why me out of several other musicians, they said my vocals sound musical and because many requests kept coming, I decided to open up this vocal gym to assist more people,” he said.

He added that through the vocal gym, which has been operational for two weeks now, he wants people to learn and practice their vocals properly so as to know which music genre they can go for.

“I also want them to improve their performance as most Malawian musicians are not good enough when it comes to performing on stage, this will include backing vocalists,” he explained.

Mambala said the vocal gym is there to stay as it is an ongoing project. He said for registration, it MK1000 a day and MK15, 000 a month.

He added that areas that the vocal gym will focus are vocal stamina and stage flexibility among other things so as to help the musicians keep their vocals in health.

He added that the vocal gym is for everyone who is interested in music, including up and coming musicians as well as established musicians.

One of the trainees, Eric Makwinja said he joined the vocal gym because he wanted to perfect his vocals.

“I love music, but it’s difficult for me to sing as well as play a guitar. I love playing a guitar so I want to learn how to combine the two or do them together,” said Makwinja.

He said the vocal gym will help the music industry to grow professionally because of what people are learning and that it is going to fill the gap in the industry.

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