Mangochi registers crime reduction in 2021

By Evance Chisiano:

Police in Mangochi have registered a decrease in crime by 12 per cent in the just ended year, 2021 which also saw the police recovering various stolen items as courts convicted and sentenced 557 perpetrators to jail during the year.

Mangochi Police Public Relations Officer, Sub Inspector Amina Tepani Daudi disclosed this when she presented the 2021 Annual Crime Report on Thursday, saying statistics indicate that there was a 12 per cent decline in overall crime between January and December.

Daudi added that Mangochi Police Station recorded 1,773 criminal cases in 2021 compared to 2,026 cases in 2020.

“The figures also showed that sexual offences have slightly gone down in the district because 94 cases of defilement were registered in 2020 compared to 92 cases that were registered in the year just ended,” Daudi said.

She, however, said police noted with concern that most perpetrators of defilement cases were close relatives of the victims, especially step fathers.

According to Daudi, the report also indicates that the tendency of concealing defilement cases when the defiler was a family member is still prevalent which she said poses as a challenge in pursuing justice in courts.

She said despite the challenges in curbing other offences in 2021, police in Mangochi successfully recovered various stolen items and arrested criminals such that 770 cases were completed.

“Out of the figure, 557 culprits were given stiffer penalties in courts and are currently serving jail terms,” Daudi explained, adding that police in the district are confident and geared to continue reducing crime.

The law enforcer warned that police were determined to arrest suspects and ensure that they are convicted and imprisoned.

She said the annual report indicates that convictions and imprisonment played a bigger role in lowering levels of crime in the district.

On road accidents, Daudi said in 2020, police in the district registered 204 accidents with 58 fatalities while 40 people were killed out of 137 accidents in 2021.

She attributed the reduction in the occurrence of road accidents in the district to enhanced traffic police visibility and the introduction of community traffic wardens in accident-prone areas.

“The police have achieved the reduction in crime through implementation of various crime detection and preventive strategies such as increased day and night police visibility, patrols with Community Policing Forums in crime-prone areas and road safety awareness campaigns,” Daudi stated.

She, therefore, commended the working relationship between the police and members of the public, saying the collaboration was crucial in crime reduction in the year 2021.

“The police wish to extend gratitude to all partners such as the judiciary and the community at large for their support in the fight against crime,” she said while assuring people that the law enforcers would continue with all crime reduction strategies to ensure Mangochi remains a safe haven.

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