Lilongwe Sunni Foundation to continue with charity work

By Andrew Kadzonda:

The Lilongwe SUNNI Foundation has encouraged fellow muslims in the society to continue helping the poor as part of special prayer during fasting.

Speaking during EID Ul Fitri Ceremony on Friday Lilongwe, the foundation Chairperson Aamir Patel, said fasting reminds people to remember poor people how they feel when they are hungry.

He further said the reason for fasting is to be more honest and to understand each and everyone as cemented in the theme, ‘To Give.’

“The poor people can also be seen by the people who are rich so that they can have something in their hands that can contribute to the economy of the country, such as capital for introducing small businesses which can boost the economy as well.”

Patel added that the country needs to balance in the economies of scale and there should not be a huge gap between the rich and the poor.

He added that there are still some gaps that needs to be filled although Covid-19 pandemic barred them to reach further their charity works, since their religion encourages them to do much charity this year.

Faizal abbubaker who is also a senior volunteer of the foundation, further added that as an annual event, everyone should have peace and continue praying as well as fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic.

He said due to the pandemic, they decided to conduct their prayers on the open space to manage social distancing.

Muslims conduct their fasting for thirty days every year, when the moon is at the total full darkness, and break their fasting on the first day when there is visibility of the moon, and this year in many areas the moon was visible on thursday the 13th May.

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