Kyungu applauds government on Covid-19 vaccine

By Blessings Kaunda

Paramount Chief Kyungu of Karonga District has said government has done a good thing to adopt Covid-19 vaccine.

Speaking after Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 meeting with faith based and traditional leaders on Friday in Mzuzu, he said all government wants is to help its people.

“Personally, I would want that the government must take the initiative to invite us as traditional leaders to be educated with regards to this Covid-19 vaccine. If we understand that this vaccine is working and it has worked some of us shall definitely take the lead,” Kyungu said.

He said as a chief he was ready to be vaccinated at any time once the vaccination starts in the country.

“There is no government in the world that can allow the vaccine to be introduced to its people which are dangerous for the health of the people,” the Chief added.

He said the country has scientists and doctors who are competent enough to analyze the vaccine’s safety on people.

During the meeting, Minister of Justice, Titus Mvalo said the engagement with the traditional leaders and faith leaders was important in such a way that they are the ones who stay with people in villages and churches.

“They are the bridge between the government and the people and people listen to them during their meetings. These people listen to them because they are cultural and spiritual leaders where people run to when they have problems,” he said.

Mvalo said the taskforce wanted to get feedback from chiefs and faith leaders’ challenges in their communities and churches towards the fight against the pandemic for possible solutions.

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