Kasungu MP urges chiefs to help spread covid-19 messages

By Vincent Khonje:

Member of Parliament (MP) for Kasungu North Constituency, Mike Bango, has called on traditional leaders in the country to help in sensitizing people about covid-19.

With a lot of misconceptions about the pandemic there have been several issues happening including laxity in following covid-19 preventive measures and attacks on health personnel.

Taking advantage of availability of traditional leaders during an elevation ceremony to senior chiefs of traditional authorities Chilowamatambe, Wimbe and Kawamba on Friday in Kasungu, Bango said the chiefs can play a very important role in helping people understand more about the new disease.

Bango said covid-19 is troubling a lot and currently people that are close are dying and there is need to reach out to the people with right messages.

“Covid-19 is there and people are dying. The chiefs should be in the forefront to help in spreading the news about the disease,” he said.

The youthful MP also condemned the barbaric acts of attacking health officials in direct reference to attacks by communities on burial teams from health sector.

“Let health workers be left to work and work and do their job properly,” said Bango.

Minister of health Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda who was also present at the elevation ceremony also echoed Bango’s sentiments saying the chiefs will also be needed to dispel fake news about covid-19 vaccine which is to roll out soon.

“With covid-19 people have lost lives but we will soon put our hope on the vaccine, as chiefs you have to help in telling the people about the vaccine,” said Chiponda.

The minister assured the people that there is nothing sinister about the vaccine as the president, the vice president and the ministers will also take the vaccine.

On his part senior chief Lukwa said already the chiefs are in the forefront leading the people in following covid-19 protocols.

“We already have by laws guiding how funerals should be conducted in the villages by limiting number of people attending,” said Lukwa.

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