Harmony Music Ministry in reunion concert

By Staff Writer:

Renowned Adventist group, Harmony Music Ministry has organized a reunion concert aimed at bringing together members as unified whole after being separated for a reasonable period.

The concert which will take place at Kabula Hill SDA Church this Saturday, will be held under the theme: “We have come this far by faith”.  

According to Carolyn Chinsinga the event’s deputy chairperson, the reunion aims at telling the Harmony story and reflecting on its journey.

“Since its inception in 2004, the group has seen its members scattered across the world due to other circumstances. Therefore, we thought of organizing this get together to let member reunite and share memories while bolstering our spirits in appreciation of life’s different journeys,” said Chinsinga.

The concert is one way of fulfilling Harmony’s mission and objectives in touching lives through music.

“Through the reunion we would like to make our mission a reality. We believe that our testimonies and reflections will impact people both spiritually and physically,” she said.

Chinsinga said that the reunion will help to reinforce common goals and reenergize friendships among the members.

“The benefits of reunion cannot be overemphasized. While we appreciate its role in reuniting our humanity it is also a recipe of regenerating friendships and contributes towards achieving common goals and visions,” added the deputy chairperson.

The Chipata hit makers have vowed to continue applying music as a catalyst of transforming lives in all aspects while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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