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Government impressed with youth’s venture in agriculture

The Director of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Wiskes Nkombezi has expressed happiness over the growing interest by the Youths in the country who are venturing into the agricultural sector.

Nkombezi said this on Saturday in Lilongwe during tan agricultural symposium hosted by Tradeline Corporation Limited, where SMEs who have undergone capacity building training under the Jobs for Youth project were showcasing their business products and also networking with large companies for potential linkages.

Nkombezi said; “Iam very impressed as you have seen a lot of young people are going into Agricultural Sector which is the biggest economic sector in the country, so for us to harness the population of the youth we ought to involve them in the Agricultural Sector.

“And again when we look at the Malawi2063 Agendas the first pillar is Agricultural productivity and Industrialization so these two are quiet interlinked because we can industrialize by using agriculture to do Agro processing so when we have the youth in Agriculture, some of them doing actual Agriculture production, others taking up Agricultural produce adding value to make new products, it’s a good development for us as the ministry and also to the development of this country” Said Nkombezi

The Project Coordinator for the Jobs for Youth Project Charles Kanyinji has commended the initiative for the positive results it has achieved since it’s implementation started in 2018.

“We have managed to train young people on principles of intrepreneurship, 540 of them have been trained. We have managed to take through business principles through the business incubation program some 3043 young people and 2228 of those have completed their trainings within the business incubation program. Over 2188 of those young people have either started businesses or they have been employed as part of the business incubation program” he said

Kanyinji also said government is negotiating with prospective financers including African Development Fund to look at what are some of the needs for the Youth and is hopeful that tangible results will be achieved to have successful initiative which will provide more opportunities to young people to be supported in employment as well as business establishment.

On his part, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tradeline Corporation Limited Calvin Kamchacha said he was encouraged to see the youth who have gone through tertiary education available for the three weeks engagement through training, mentorship and coaching to enhance their skills in technical areas in agriculture, ICT, Small Scale mining and also manufacturing.

He further said he believes that by having educated workforce, the country will have resilient businesses as the modern business requires somebody with the vast knowledge to be able to navigate in such challenges.

One of the entrepreneurs who have undergone the trainings, Sky General Dealers CEO, Vincent Kwenda asked for more financial support from government that will improve their capital to be able to compete with the other existing companies.

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