Wednesday, December 7

Glue Up eyes Malawi’s digital market 

As world business is becoming more digital, different enterprises in Malawi including the civil society are also embracing automation to improve productivity and sustainability.

Glue Up, is a global software company with offices based in South Africa. It specializes in providing member-based organizations with digital solutions focused on automation and engagement. The company is offering to bridge the divide by providing solutions that are already integrated and tested so that customers benefit more.

Itumeleng Selowa, a Sales Development Representative at Glue Up says the company has merged automation solutions and digitalization applications to enable different tools that most organizations use every day to communicate and interact with each other. These integrations will make work easier for staff and give members better digital experiences.

“We have an all-in-one platform, which has proven to be the easiest way to cost-effectively retain, engage, grow, and build institutions’ beneficiary communities. This is achieved by consolidating the best event management, membership management, community engagement, email marketing, CRM, finance, analytics, tasks, and mobile apps on one easy-to-use platform,” says Selowa.

The membership management ecosystem helps in identifying outstanding membership payments and sends renewal reminders through automated emails and push notifications. Selowa says the platform also has an application that promotes an institution’s public events by sharing them via email campaigns and on social media.

“We also make it easy for community members to find like-minded people and topics that matter to them so they can network with each other and exchange their opinions,” she adds as she points out that Glue Up also includes a community engagement module that connects members to the organization and to each other.

“The ‘My Glue’ community engagement module is a database with a member directory, member benefits, member profile, subscription management, community networking and event information,” says the sales rep.

She adds that the community engagement module also provides latest news as well as gives members the opportunity to modify their profiles, register for events, read email campaigns, network, and more.

Realizing that members may be found in different locations, Glue Up has flexed its finance module by allowing members to pay using their favorite payment methods with full visibility into all their digital transaction history.

“Automatic invoices and receipts are issued and members are assured of refund where necessary as we have a customizable refund policy,” Selowa points out.

The Glue Up platform not only offers improved services for members or customers of an organization, it also creates surveys, quizzes, and polls to help organizations measure and understand feedback so that they can improve their services and show members that their opinions are valued.

The Glue Up application can manage registrations, review member applications, collect payments, make quick edits, and facilitate smooth check-ins onsite to carry out successful events from anywhere.

Glue Up has a team of customer success experts ready to support new organizations. Glue Up also provides hands-on training to equip organizations with full knowledge of the software.

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