Fitness studio to fundraise for 3 year old’s treatment in India

By Ireen Kayira:

 Lilongwe based Fitness studio (gym) has embarked on an initiative to raise funds for the treatment of a three year old baby with a serious heart conditions who needs to fly to India for treatment. 

 The fitness studio known as Sweatfactory fitness studio has planned an Aerobathon fundraising at Bingu National Stadium from 6 to 8 in the morning on the October 9.

In an interview with one of the organisers of the event Sevelina Sambakusi, the money that is needed for the whole trip is K5 million.

“We urge people to support in this fundraising with at least a minimum amount of 2000 when coming for the aerobatics so that we can save the life of this baby,” she said.

She said they decided to support after they heard from the father of the child who works at the Fitness studio as a gym trainer.

“We thought of organising this event because we wanted to raise money using the skills that we have and   something that we do, “she said.

Apart from the fundraising they said they will explore other avenues of raise more money so that the child should go get medical treatment.

Father of the child Mike Joseph Soko who resides in Ntandire said the child started having problems six months after he was born.

“After the child was born he would get ill frequently and when we go to Bwaila hospital for treatment they would tell us to that he has an infection or Malaria.

“As such my wife and I decided to go to Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) for scanning last year when we noted that he was not getting better,” he said.

He said at the KCH they were given drugs, after being given those drugs he got a little better for a while but they noticed that the baby was having difficulties in breathing.

“we went back to central hospital for scanning where they told us that the child’s heart has a hole and his heart in not in the its right place where it is suppose to be and also  the pulmonary artery is very narrow which makes the blood no to flow properly.

“We were told that in Malawi such a condition cannot be treated as such he was given painkillers to help him as we are raising the funds for treatment in India,” Soko said.

He said they were told to raise the money urgently but it was difficult to find money because COVID- 19 was at the pick and he was not going to the office.

“When the problem came it was hard for me because I work as gym trainer and I don’t earn that much as such I was worried on how I’m going to raise the money.

“When I explained the situation to people that’s when came in to assist particularly those that I work with, that’s when they came up with the idea of the fundraiser,” he said.

He therefore called upon well wishers to assist with the funds so that he may fly the child to India.

He said cash donations can be done through National Bank Account number 1001711195 or Airtel Money 0999332233.

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