Sunday, October 2

Farmers urged to embrace use of organic fertilizer

Local farmers have been advised to turn to organic alternatives amid reports that the prices of fertilizer are expected to raise by June.

In March this year, officials from Fertilizer Association of Malawi said fertilizer prices are likely to hike between June and July due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

The Association’s Executive Administration officer Mbawaka Phiri said Russia is a major exporter of natural gas which is used to produce fertilizers and the current war is expected to put the prices under-threat.

This comes when Malawians have already been complaining about the previous farming season’s prices which were hiked by over 80%.

In an interview with The Atlas Malawi, Agricultural expert, Tamani Nkhondo-Mvula said: “As a country we should accept that we’re going to have high prices due to the War in Ukraine so farmers should start preparing for other alternatives like manure and also mixed cropping with cerials and leguminous crops that will help to maintain the fertility in the soil”

Nkhondo-Mvula has also encouraged farmers to buy fertilizer as much as they can afford now before the prices hikes in next few months.

Japhet Majekete who owns the Superior Agri-consult company that produces organic fertilizer concurred with Mvula saying organic fertilizer has more advantages than inorganic fertilizer.

“Looking at our fertilizer, it’s very cheaper and more effective because it’s 80% manure than inorganic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer also takes very short time to start working and its effective for so long, so I would encourage farmers to start relying on organic fertilizer” said Majekete

Majekete further explained that under his company they produce different types of fertilizer including Super Calcium Sulphate and Phosphate fertilizer for different types of crops.

He added that since they started producing and selling his products, he has been receiving good feed back from the users.

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