Covid-19 affects 48 tournaments at Lilongwe Golf Club

By Erik Chiputula:

Like all other sports disciplines that were cancelled or postponed in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Golf has also had it’s share.

In an interview with The Atlas Malawi, National Golf coach Chris Kachiguma said despite that Golf is an individual game, the authorities decided to suspend all tournaments to avoid exposing participants to Covid-19.

Kachiguma revealed that at Lilongwe Golf Club, 48 out of 50 expected tournaments were cancelled last year.

“The association decided to postpone all the tournaments to avoid exposing participants to the pandemic,” he said while noting that players can be safe during tournaments but the problem arises during prize presentations.

This, said Kachiguma, means that the Club failed to conduct international tournaments qualifying games.

According to Kachiguma, the only games that are still taking place are social games but tournaments will return when Covid-19 prevention measures have been softened up.

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