Sunday, October 2

Chimwendo escapes Sattar’s web

…If he had not questioned the contract he could have been in the cobweb.

By Staff writer:

Court documents from the British National Crimes Agency (NCA), making rounds on social media, have revealed how former minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda tried to block a suspicious deal between Zunneth Sattar and the Malawi Police Service.

According to court documents presented at Uxbridge Magistrate Court in London the NCA captured a phone conversation allegedly between Sattar and the police chief George Kainja discussing some contracts.

The conversation shows that Chimwendo Banda had questioned the deal between police and Sattar describing it as exorbitant.

“During the call, “IG” speaks of receiving a gift and Sattar has something for him. They then discuss an individual believed to be the Minister for Homeland Security in Malawi, Richard Chimwendo Banda. “IG” stated that there was a discussion about the charges being exorbitant, but he intimated that he had dealt with it,” reads the court documents.

It has emerged that Malawi Police Service had awarded a contract to one of Sattar’s companies which was inflated by 40 percent of the actual value.

“The minister questioned the price of the contract and advised if we could reconsider it but those who wanted to benefit from it had to find means and ways to justify it…beyond the IG I see others falling in the trap from the service” said one senior police officer based at police headquarters.

This revelation is contrary to popular opinion, before the list came out, which showed that some cabinet ministers in the current administration were deeply involved in the Sattar scandal.

According to the list a number of senior government officials have been implicated including President Lazarus Chakwera’s Chief of Staff, cabinet ministers, senior officers of police as well as officials from the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party( DPP).

Some of the contracts are the 6 water cannon trucks worth 8.9 billion , supply of food ration packs amounting to K28.5 billion .

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