Chakwera commends Nkhoma Synod for its support to government

By Sellah Singini:

President Lazarus Chakwera has commended CCAP Nkhoma Synod for support it has been rendering to the government since 1889.

Speaking on Sunday during the closing ceremony of CCAP Nkhoma Synod Biennial Assembly at Namoni Katengeza Lay Training Centre in Dedza, Chakwera said the synod has been supporting the government in areas of education, health and agriculture and it has transformed many lives of Malawians.

He said he understands that the synod and other churches have been greatly affected by COVID-19.

“COVID-19 has affected everyone including the church. The church is ministering to people whose employment and finances have been affected by the pandemic. The church is ministering to people who have lost jobs. COVID-19 has made our plans not to work the way we planned,” Chakwera said.

He said it was very important for the church to work hand in hand with the government to find solutions that could help government fulfill its agenda of developing the country amidst the pandemic.

Speaking earlier, newly elected moderator of the CCAP Nkhoma Synod, Rev.Phillip Pearson Kambulire said CCAP Nkhoma Synod Biennial Assembly happens every two years and that this year’s Assembly is of number 39  which attracted 460 delegates from 218 congregations.

He said he and the new leadership of the synod was thankful to God and the people for trusting them with the task to lead them.

He added that their leadership would work hand in hand with government and support it’s development agendas to transform the nation in all aspects of people’s lives be it in health, education, agriculture and many more.

Kambulire bemoaned COVID-19 for affecting the finances of the synod, saying the synod owes government huge amount of money.

“When government closed schools due to COVID-19, we sent our employees working in our schools, hospitals and other organisations on unpaid leave and as a result we accumulated huge debts to the government in terms of pay as you earn (PAYE) as we were failing to deduct from our employees since they were not receiving their salaries,” he said.

He therefore asked government through the President to look into the matter and assist them accordingly.

The CCAP Nkhoma Synod Biennial Assembly started from Thursday,  October 7 to Sunday  October 10, 2021.

The assembly elected new leadership which comprises the Moderator and his Vice, Senior Synod Clerk and his Vice, Actuary and two Church Elders.

Rev.Phillip Pearson Kambulire is the new moderator of the synod and he has taken over from Rev. Biswick Chimbalu Kamzongo Nkhoma.

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