Friday, August 12

Central region immigration office shot in the arm

By Madalitso Wills Kateta:

Deputy Regional Commander for the Malawi Immigration Department in the center, Stanleck Kalimanjira has described as timely a donation of personal protective equipment (PPEs) members of the Chinese community have made to the office.

Members of the Chinese community on Wednesday made a donations of 2000 face masks and 240 hand sanitizers as the country experiences rising cases of the Omicron coronavirus. Receiving the donation, Kalimanjira said inadequate PPE’s was one of  the biggest challenges the office was facing in the excise of it’s duties.

“The donation gives a sigh of relief to the office as luck of PPEs has been one of the biggest challenges the office has been facing in the excise of our duties,” said Kalimanjira.

He said the donation will help minimize the spread of the coronavirus among members of staff in the central region immigration office.

“As department we are going to be working around the clock during the festive season to ensure that our national security is enhanced while at the same time apprehending, prosecuting, deporting and repatriating illegal immigrants, and for a successful implementation of such excise, our officers need to be protected from this infectious disease,” said Kalimanjira.

He appealed to companies and other organizations to emulate the Chinese community gesture by donating equipment that will slow the spread of the Omicron coronavirus to various ministries and government departments.

Chairperson of the Chinese community in Malawi Zhou Shanjian said the community thought of making the donation after noticing the exposure to Covid-19 immigration officers were facing in lane of duty.

Cumulatively Malawi currently has registered 67,278 Covid-19 cases, 5,453 active cases, 2,317 deaths and 1,112 active cases. The country’s case fatality rate currently stands at 3.44 percent.

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