Canaan advises prophets to shun delivering fake prophecies

By Moses Nyirenda:

A Malawian Prophet, Bentry Canaan, of the New Life Installation Christian International Church based in South Africa has advised fellow prophets to stay away from delivering fake prophecies hence avoiding misleading the public.

Addressing journalists in Lilongwe on Thursday, Canaan said he is worried with how some prophets in the country are conducting their prophecy work.

“I follow every prophet in Malawi very closely and I am concerned with how some of them are doing their work as they are delivering prophecies which are not from God but only to mislead Malawians. In my opinion most of these prophets are just attention seekers,” Canaan said.

He, therefore, appealed to the public to pray hard and stop following up what self-proclaimed prophets are preaching saying not everyone is a real prophet.

He warned that not everyone who claims to be a prophet or man of God listens from God

He suggested that the public should stone to death prophets when their prophecies do not come to pass saying that it is written in the Bible.

“The Bible says in the book on Deuteronomy that if a prophet says a thing and does not happen, should be stoned to death. Many prophets take it as a privilege because people do not know that verse,” he said.

On the other hand, he said that the country is in a better position to recover to a better state.

However, he said there is need for the public to pray hard as one way of seeking God’s intervention towards the restoration.

“According to Mathew 6 verse 33 the bible says seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things shall be added unto you, hence in order for the economic crisis and other challenges which we are facing to be addressed we need God most,” he said.

Lilongwe based servant of God, Symon C. Lubanga also agreed with Canaan’s observation saying that currently many prophets are making fake prophecies in order to gain popularity.

“What I have noted is that, some prophecies are made to gain fame and make a name. For example, a lot of prophecies which are being made focus on controversies like politics and societies instead of focusing on God’s words.

“So I can see that most of these prophets which make these prophecies are; attention seekers, fame chasers as they use Public Relations (PR) strategies to grow their audience and build huge followership at church, Social media and the society at large,” Lubanga said.








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