Analyst calls for strict adherence to football laws

By Erik Chiputula:

Soccer analyst Danken Lengani has asked Football Association of Malawi (FAM) to start punishing players and officials who offends the laws of the game during football matches.

Lengani said players have been breaking football laws without being punished by the countries football governing body.

The former FIFA referee said he is very concerned with the way players and team officials have been reacting against referees decisions during after the games in the presence of FAM officials but who opts to remain silent.

“We have seen Super League players abusing referees verbally for decisions against their side which is contrary to the rules of the game. Referees decisions are final and players are supposed to adhere even if the decision is wrong and i wonder why the same players do not misbehave when they travel outside with the national team, a clear indication that they are aware of rules but they break deliberately because they don’t receive punishments”

And the players emulates bad behaviour from their officials, here in Malawi team managers could spend entire 90 minutes exchanging bad words with forth offical on the other hand the coach is always busy insulting referees, they proceed with the insults during interviews so players lean from their officials to be stubborn and to end such bad behaviour FAM should intervine and start punishing those law offenders”. said Lengani

On the part of poor decisions by referees he said: “sometimes we need to understand that they are humans and they can make a mistake but I think for those failing to handle games professionally should be restricted from officiating top flight games and also biased referees and those involved in match fixing should be sanctioned and banned”

Since the start of TNM Super League kick off this season there have been cries by several coaches against what they call “poor officiation” but Referees Association of Malawi chairman Chris Kalichero rubbished claims saying coaches use officiation as a scapegoat to their defeats.

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