Amuna Misso responds to cyber security threats through Chichewa tutorials

By Chris Loka

Blantyre based artist and Journalist Samson Chitsamba also known as Amuna Misso has intensified using his YouTube channel in providing cyber security special tutorials to protect socialites from various cyber attacks.

Speaking in an interview, Chitsamba said his decision has been necessitated by increased cases of cyber-attacks across the globe that is putting people’s privacy at risk both in the country and abroad.

Aged 29, Chitsamba said for most Malawians to be safe on social media, they need to know how to protect their information and he decided using a vernacular language for easy understanding.

“With the growing numbers of complaints about hackers globally, I have decided to make my contribution to help with a solution on how to secure social media accounts in order to avoid those attacks.

“Cyber security is important because it encompasses everything that relates to protecting our data from cyber attackers who want to steal this information and use it to cause harm. This can be sensitive data, company information, personal information and even intellectual property among others,” he said

He said, having cyber defense programs and mechanisms in place to protect personal or any other information is crucial and at an individual level, Cyber security attacks can lead to identity theft and extortion attempts, which can do serious damage to that individual life.

“Today, cyber-attacks are no longer stopped by antivirus software or firewalls. The risk of cyber-attacks is constantly increasing and for companies and institutions, it is no longer a question of “if” it will happen but rather “when”. This is why cyber security is of such importance, “he added

The tutorials can be accessed on

Recently, Amuna Misso has been helping artists on how they could make sponsored facebook adverts to promote their creative works.

Apart from being a journalist, Amuna Misso is currently working as content Manager for leading music store in the country, Malawi

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