Agilitee Africa to invest $30M in green energy solutions

A 36 year old young South African based entrepreneur Mandla Lamba who is behind investment in electric cars and is chief executive officer of Agilitee Africa, plans to invest $30 million in the coming 18 months in Malawi on solution oriented products that are pure green energy and are driven by Artificial Intelligence. We engaged Lamba who explains more in this interview:

Tell us how you started engaging into the fourth industrial revolution technology products business?

God put me in a situation where He wanted to give me evidence that He saved my life from death, after proving it I was left with questions why did He save me I mean He could have let me die and the question that boggled my mind was why?

It was when I realized that He wouldn’t have done it had He not had a purpose for my life and I had to find out what it is and that’s how I found myself doing what I do today. Solving Africa’s problems that affect people like me who come from nothing, people who come from villages with no hope of civilization except that we leave our villages and go Johannesburg to find it.

What specific products that you are producing and how beneficial are or will these be to Malawian consumers?

Yes we have manufactured a lot of solution oriented products that are pure green energy and are driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). We have all appliances and electronics but the difference is that our products are full AI and green. We have just launched the first AI Television in Africa which is the third in the world. Then we have electric motorbikes we released 3 models this year and we are launching the first electric double cab pick-up van in Africa and it will be the first self-charging pick up in the world.

How is the Malawi economy going to benefit from this technological advances if well accepted by the majority?

We are going to put Malawi in the forefront of AI and green revolution at the same time create jobs, train the unskilled and transfer skills so that we remain an equal opportunity company.

How much worth of investment are you planning on injecting into the Malawi economy?

In the first 18 months we expect that we will invest at least $30 million

What difference or value does the products bring to lives of consumers compared to ordinary products?

AI products are not just a new thing in Africa only, it is a new thing in the world so Malawians will have first-hand experience of artificial intelligence that is going to give them experience that is still lacking even in some first world countries. Secondly, our products consume less electricity, to give you an example, our kettle is an 800W whereas other kettles are 2500 to 3000W.

Malawi is not yet advanced technologically based on the adoption of the fourth industrial revolution technologies, what gives you hope on acceptability of the technology?

We are a black owned company that was started by an African man who lives in Africa and knows first-hand what our people need. This is not based on statistics that are prepared by people seating in their Cosy homes in the west, our products are solution oriented products that are based on the truth and not facts. So we know what our people need because we are one of them and we need the same too.

Any local companies that you’ve entered a partnership with in Malawi yet?

We are currently talking to about six companies and one of them is among the largest in the automotive industry in Malawi.

What words of encouragement would you give to budding entrepreneurs in Malawi and Africa in general?

Dreams do come true, the bigger they are the longer they take. In life you don’t succeed because you are good at something, there are many excellent people at a lot of things yet they are not successful. You only succeed in life because even when you fail many times you still stay in the game and not give up. Success is not just a result of resilience, commitment, consistency and so forth it is more of fighting the temptation to quit when the going gets tough.

Success doesn’t care who your mother or father is, whether you grew up poor or not as long as you finish what you started and never give up no matter what you will succeed in life. It is also important to chase your own dream that is inspired by the things you are passionate about and not leave your passions and pursue what you saw others do, because you will end up being a second rated version of someone else and God created you to be the first rated version of yourself.

The world is not looking for another version of someone else as it already has that, it is looking for you and the real you will do what you good at even with a little effort. If John the Baptist tried to be Jesus, he wouldn’t have been the one who ushered the Christ. Once you make up your mind on what to do, don’t ever listen to negative people and continue doing what you do until it proves to the world who you truly are.

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