Thursday, February 2

About 31, 000 Malawians repatriated from RSA

By Bertha Chirwa:

Over 31,000 Malawian returnees have been repatriated back home from other countries since 23 May, 2020.

Immigration Department at Mwanza border post Spokesperson Pasqually Zulu has confirmed to have been receiving Malawians from other countries at Mwanza border formation since 23, May 2020.

He said they received 26, 935 returnees from South Africa only but there were also other Malawians who opted to leave from other countries on their own and in total the figure is at 31, 935 this far.

“We have been receiving self-repatriated Malawians returnees from south Africa. These are people who have fled economic challenges in South Africa due to Covid 19 and we have received 26, 935 Malawians to date. However according to the process that was supposed to be followed interms of the buses that were ferrying them back into the country, some of the Malawians in South Africa couldn’t make it to where the buses were and opted to leave on their own using trucks and other means.

“But apart from that, we also had other Malawians leaving in Zimbabwe, Botswana and some in Mozambique and they all wanted to come back due to economic challenges and the total number is now standing at 31, 935 including those self-repatriated.” He said.

Zulu said economic hardships and not having proper documentation to stay in a foreign country are some of the major challenges that forced some of them to get back home.

“The coming in of Covid 19 has disturbed the global world economically. Most Malawians leaving in South Africa lost their jobs and life was hard for them to survive. Some of them also did not follow necessary procedure to have proper documentation in a foreign land.” he said

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