A buffoonery that is Dan Lu’s ‘Ankolo’

By Davie Dan Mchinga:

The persona in Dan Lu’s newly released single, Ankolo, is chiding an uncle who is failing to live by his promises.

The persona feels used, abused and abandoned by his uncle whom he had previously helped when he was in need.

Apa pakamwa podya za mchere/
Usakhulupirire wina aliyense/
Uzakhumudwa, uzazimangilira/
Wachikondi atasintha mawanga/
Lero ankolo sakutiyankha ma phone/
Angotidyetsa ma blue ma tick
Ndiwolotse ndikakutafune/
Mmmmh, bola zawo zayera ao/

The uncle is failing to reciprocate to the goodwill as he has barricaded himself and is unapproachable. His newly attained status has socially distanced him from his relatives.

The gloves are off and the distraught persona has no kind words for his uncle whom he describes as a prevaricator (liar) as portrayed in the chorus:

Ankolo bodza/
Ankolo bodza/
Mphuno salota ine/
Ankolo bodza/
Ndikanadziwa sindikanomba mmanja/
Ankolo bodza/

The persona is attempting to show some intrepidity by confronting his uncle to embrace the principle of reciprocity. The persona is reminding the uncle to respect the people whom have helped him.

Political intonations
Dan Lu, the artist, is conveying scorn at unscrupulous politicians who fail to live by their campaign promises by abandoning their electorate.

The term ‘Ankolo’ stands for unscrupulous and deceitful politicians who have a tendency of hoodwinking unsuspecting voters during the campaign but abandon them as soon as the last ballot is counted.

But this song may leave a sour aftertaste with the current administration as it can incite the voters to compel the leadership to live by their podium campaign promises.

This comes against a backdrop of growing outrage from some sections of the nation at the current administration’s failure to walk the talk.

Among others, the Tonse Alliance promised to create a million jobs, tackle corruption and turn around people’s economic fortunes.

It goes without saying, however, that Dan Lu risks being labelled as a sore loser owing to his attachment to the opposition DPP for whom he had openly campaigned in the last presidential elections.

During the campaign, the artist even composed a song, ‘Lozani Zanu’, in which he lauded the DPP government for allegedly developing Malawi.

As such, the Tonse Alliance may take Dan Lu’s latest offering with a pinch of salt, as they may, rightly or wrongly, believe he is doing the DPP’s biding to gain some political mileage.

On the whole, however, the song appeals to the soul and is an audacious take on the current political environment.

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